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Landlord and Tenant Board

The Landlord and Tenant Board is an important resource for tenants and landlords alike in dealing with various issues related to tenancy. From disputes over property damage and unpaid rent to more serious matters like harassment and illegal evictions, the Landlord and Tenant Board helps both parties resolve their issues in a fair and equitable manner.

The Board is also responsible for enforcing the terms of the Residential Tenancies Act and providing tenants with protection from landlord abuse. With the help of the Board, tenants and landlords can come to a resolution without the need for costly and time-consuming legal action. The Board also provides invaluable education on tenant rights and responsibilities, as well as landlord obligations.

As a landlord or tenant, it's important to be aware of your rights and obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act. The Landlord and Tenant Board can help make sure that tenants and landlords alike understand their rights and obligations and resolve any disputes in a timely and amicable manner.

Often times unrepresented landlords believe they are doing things legally and right when in fact they are not, and are faced with an application that has a technical error. When that happens the law states that the application must be dismissed and the landlord must restart the process, this causes delay and frustration for the landlord.

To avoid being faced with this, contact my office so that I may help you start the process. Be sure that your interests and rights are being protected with my professional guidance and representation. Get the legal support and advocacy you need to confidently navigate landlord and tenant disputes.


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Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court is an efficient and cost-effective way to resolve small disputes involving breach of contract, unpaid invoices, promissory notes, unpaid loans, homeowner and contractors disputes, and more. The simplified process and lower costs make it a preferable option for those seeking to resolve disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.


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Highway Traffic Act

Once you have received a traffic ticket, your biggest concern will be how this will affect your insurance rates along with your driving record if you are found guilty. I handle all offences under the highway traffic act, and I can assist you in decreasing your demerit points, helping you save on fines and insurance rates.

highway traffic act

Condo building

Condominium Authority Tribunal

The Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) is an online dispute resolution system designed to help people resolve certain types of condominium-related disputes conveniently, quickly, and affordably. By utilizing this resource, individuals can avoid the arduous process of navigating traditional litigation and achieve resolution in a timely manner.

Condominium Authority Tribunal

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